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"In the name of God the Merciful Thank you very much for arranging my trip my wife and I have enjoyed it very much and did not feel afraid of dealing in a foreign country Bmtabatkm continuing to me during the flight and treated the driver Professional Per assumed my trip was on a mission professionalism and organization so do not forget to pay tribute to the driver wonderful Mustafa, who was at the top of literature and taste, as well as thank Mr. \ Ismail, coordinator for the trip, which has spared no effort in maintaining the palms and last but not least, I thank Mr. Jihad Hussein, head of the office that no matter what was described on the literature and the taste did not Ove exercises this right, and I wish you more success brother Bashar al-Ahmad Saad Al-Ghamdi The sanctity of the sacrosanct Abu aren "

Bashar al-Ahmad , Khor Fakkan

"In the name of God the Merciful thank all the employees of the company and in particular, my dear brother \ Ismail on the capacity of the chest and treated brilliant and Osoppe in coordinating all what I want from hotels and sightseeing tours and asked Permanent Me and my family, I also thank my brother \ Mohammad Sharif your drivers on the capacity of the chest and dedication in my service Thank you brother \ Hussein 12 \ 11 \ 2012 

Hussein , Umm al-Quwain

"In the name of God the Merciful Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace be upon the messengers of our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him this certificate to me I Mohammed Mansour Thunayyan of Saudi Arabia - Medina and telephone number: ... 0555305 has helped me God and enjoyed the company of my family spend a happy holiday in the summer of 1428 in the state of Kerala in India was organized by tourism program my company Jet Wi-Malabar tourism to its owner dear brother Jihad Hussein He has graciously provides all tourist services that have contributed to Enjoy the Holidays. This thank me advice every tourist Saudi and in his place to come to Kerala filled with all the beauty of God put in the ground in addition to the atmosphere of Islamic occasion for the people of Islamic law which is already the truth land Miz God and Salami to you to return again, God Almighty brother in Allah Mohamed Mansour Thunayyan 23 \ 07 \ 1428 "

Mohamed Mansour Thunayyan , Ras al-Khaimah

"Thank God, united and pray the peace of no prophet after him, and yet

"Thank God, united and pray the peace of no prophet after him, and yet have we met the owner of the company Gateway Malabar Dear brother Jihad Hussein has pleased the treatment of goodwill and hospitality stones and coordinated distinctive program of our journey. hath us very much, and God bless him in his work and make it of slaves blessed blessings and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions Sultan Turki 

Turkish Sultan Abdullah , Ajman

"In the name of God the Merciful With using visited the city of Kerala and we went down town city of Kochi on: 17 \ 01 \ 2010, and wonder, this new airport and good treatment and then received us cordially, and went then to the Hotel Abad Airport nearby airport where we found the hotel's cleanliness and good welcome and we stayed in These days the area where we visited all the tourist areas, and then we went to the city of Calicut and we saw what pleased the eye and anthropology to see where we stayed in the hotel , Ahmed Abdullah "

Ahmed Abdullah , Abu dhabi

"This is my first visit, I and members of my family to India three ... did not expect

"This is my first visit, I and members of my family to India three ... did not expect the day of this visit ever ... but after reading the subject Brother" in favor of Hadlaq "on the Internet about his trip to Kerala ... we decided to spend 7 days in this province It was as follows: Munnar - Thekkady - Kumarakom then manic bout to ALBI then Cushing ... We have enjoyed a lot on the trip, especially in the "Alhaws bot" and creativity of the Creator in nature green .. The mongrel dear brother "Jihad" and was treated very upscale. and pleased really is a permanent smile on the face of the people of Kerala and in conclusion I say, "You smiled with Jihad in Kerala," Ahmed Mashmoom Abrar Boland flower Qallaf of Kuwait 6 \ 12 \ 2008 "

Ahmad Mashmoom , Sharjah